Yeah, But Seriously…

A podcast and publication by Fable House, focused on interviews, news, and everything entertainment.

The show was started in 2017 by Adam Hensgens and Ahmed Siddiqui as a new based show. But after a few years running the show, Adam and Ahmed decided to hand over the reigns.

In 2020, the show was taken over by Sam Claitor and Jake Jorgovan who shifted the podcast from a news format to industry interviews.
New format, same fun style.

Meet your hosts

Sam Claitor

Movie nerd / consultant helping entertainment businesses

In the beginning, I was the kid who spent too much time drawing cartoons. Life lead me to study business and design, and eventually to co-found an ad agency that still lives on today in the form of ThreeSixtyEight. A few years later I stumbled into the film industry. I headed into a meeting thinking I was about to lock down a new advertising client and I walked out with a new career. While working in the film industry on projects like Blue Ruin, Star Trek Into Darkness, and the television series Sleepy Hollow I soon found myself teaming up with companies like Marvel and Universal Pictures.

In recent years, I teamed up with cinematographer Matt S. Bell to start the Louisiana based production company Fable House. I’ve produced about a dozen feature films, a number of commercials, and consulted on a range of other projects for entertainment businesses.

I love making movies and want to work with people who share my passion for visual storytelling and artistry.