Podcast Ep. 119: Austin Highsmith – Actor, Writer, Producer

In this episode of Yeah, But Seriously podcast, Sam interviews actress turned screenwriter and producer Austin Highsmith.

Austin shares her most rewarding moments on set, taking part in her self-written and first produced screenplay. “I don’t think there’s anything cooler than knowing that you’re helping somebody pay their bills.”

Writing an entire movie script in six days to taking classes, Austin goes into detail on her keys to success, her favorite books on writing, and how acting has helped her naturally progress and excel in her writing career.

You can follow Austin on Instagram @iamoyster or Twitter @AustinHighsmith.

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3:56 – What Austin’s experience of having her first screenplay produced and seeing it come to life was like and what made it ‘real’ for her.

5:35 – People mainly know Austin for her acting, but she’s also a seasoned producer. What was the driving force behind producing her own first screenplay?

7:34 – Austin talks about what she thinks is the coolest part about writing and producing.

7:56 – Austin explains how being an actor helped her become a mega-prolific writer who can churn out pages at an insane pace.

16:10 – Austin talks about how it felt to have her Lifetime Original movie premiere on the 30th anniversary of Lifetime Originals at the same time the Black Lives Matter protests for racial justice were kicking off around the world.

21:33 – Most people know Austin as kind and sweet. She talks about what it was like playing a villain for the first time and how she and the director gave the character layers to make her a real person and not a generic antagonist.

24:30 – Austin talks about what projects she wants to get off the ground next.

25:36 – Find out where Austin thinks a show like The Real Housewives of the Oregon Trail would live, and why.

27:00 – Hear how Austin first learned screenwriting, and then how she learned how to write a feature in two weeks

30:52 – What two screenwriting books really helped her figure out this screenwriting thing.