Podcast Ep. 117: Actor Dylan Riley Snyder

In the new Yeah, But Seriously episode actor Dylan Riley Snyder talks working with legends like director Todd Solondz, cinematographer Ed Lachman, and being a sponge as he followed every department as an actor on the Disney channel show, Kickin’ It!

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4:45 – Dylan talks about what he’s been creating with his Covid downtime.

7:40 – Hear how Dylan got his start in Tuscaloosa, AL, and made it all the way to Broadway.

11:37 – Find out which top director Dylan worked with as an 11-year-old.

12:04 – Hear what Dylan says he learned on the set of said director’s movie and who the legendary cinematographer on that project was.

13:48 – Find out how Dylan got a crash course in filmmaking and how his Disney Channel show KICKIN’ IT led him to cinematography.

15:00 – Dylan talks about what it’s like working with his prolific actor-writer wife, Allisyn Snyder.

18:28 – Hear about the productive ways Dylan navigates creative differences on a production, big or small.

20:55 – Find out how Dylan and Allisyn’s production company WTF (Watch the Footage) came to be.

22:35 – Dylan talks about how he went from being the cinematographer on early films to directing them.

29:06 – Hear about training a brand new crew from scratch for their short film Room 566.

35:52 – Dylan teases details about their first feature film.

39:30 – Dylan and Sam talk about Covid production protocols and speculate on long-term changes to films and television production.